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Miami-Dade Police Officer Threatens Miami SeaQuarium Protestor

Officer Gary Cadet of the Miami Dade County Police Department threatens a protestor at the Miami SeaQuarium for saying "turn around idiot" to someone who gave the middle finger to the protestors. His exact words [...]

Monroe County Begins Foreclosure Proceedings on The Marine Mammal Conservancy

On May 21, 2014 Monroe County Florida Government decided to show leniency to the Marine Mammal Conservancy (MMC) in Key Largo by reducing their outstanding code violation fines by ninety-percent. Many of these code violations [...]

Miami Dade Primate Import Company In Court Tussle With Aggressive Protest Group

By David Ovalle In the name of science, a company called Worldwide Primates imports monkeys from around the globe, providing them to labs across the country researching cures for deadly diseases. In the name [...]


Marine Mammal Conservancy - For Your Protection - Key Largo

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