Officer Gary Cadet of the Miami Dade County Police Department threatens a protester at the Miami SeaQuarium for saying “turn around idiot” to someone who gave the middle finger to the protesters. His exact words were “I would stop the car and beat your fucking ass!” Last time I checked, this is still America and we do have Rights!

Chris Lagergren subsequently filed an Internal Affairs complaint against Officer Cadet and subsequently he is no longer allowed to participate in special details like the Miami SeaQuarium. Officer Cadet also has to enroll in anger management classes after his superiors watched this video.

On a related matter, there was a lawsuit filed against the Miami Dade County Police Department for restricting where we can stand outside of the Miami SeaQuarium. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 3 animal advocates by the ACLU of Florida was recently settled. Protesters are now allowed to stand wherever they want and pass out leaflets to patrons of the SeaQuarium.

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